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HowExpert Guide to Astronomy: 101 Lessons to Learn about Astronomy, Study the Solar System, and Explore the Universe

Autor: HowExpert, Ryan Thomas Kirby Narrador: John Galas Audiolibro

If you want to learn about astronomy, then check out “HowExpert Guide to Astronomy.”

Join Ryan T. Kirby, an experienced astronomer, and educator, in an exploration that will take you to the stars! In this short book, Ryan aims at teaching you everything you need to know about astronomy and stargazing from scratch! The book is divided into five sections, which are as follows:

1. Understanding the Universe: Ryan brings you up to speed on all the essential terminology and concepts vital to your ability to learn astronomy.

2. Planning your Observation: Discover everything you should do to prepare to go outside and observe the night sky!

3. Exploring the Night Sky: A section where Ryan offers detailed instructions on how to begin observing and learn the night sky while bringing in some helpful tips and tricks from his personal experiences.

4. Unique Events and Activities to Try: A section dedicated to some astonishing events astronomers should look out for and some of his favorite activities and observations, along with detailed advice on tackling them.

5. Fun Facts and Misconceptions: Ryan uniquely closes the book by briefly explaining many surprising, interesting, and unexpected facts about space!

This book brings readers into the world of astronomy with ease and offers expert advice and guidelines for approaching the daunting hobby. While aimed at Northern hemisphere residents, many tips, tricks, and techniques are relevant even under entirely different skies than those he mentions throughout the book.

About the Expert

Ryan Thomas Kirby has had experience as a teaching assistant for astronomy courses, an observatory assistant, a supplemental instructor for astronomy courses at a community college, and an educator in numerous other positions.

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