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HowExpert Guide to Bodyguarding: 101 Tips to Learn How to Bodyguard, Improve, and Succeed as an Executive Protection Agent

Autor: HowExpert, Cody Blocker Narrador: DJ Holte Audiolibro

Many times when people hear the word “bodyguard,” a certain image forms in their mind. Unfortunately, this image is too often complicated by stereotypes of muscular men in sunglasses and fancy suits shooting handguns as they jump sideways over a car in slow motion. I have never seen this in my experience as a bodyguard. I have seen many years of professionals working day in and day out, committed to protecting innocent people from people who want to harm them. I have witnessed professionalism that has humbled me and inspired me. I had been fortunate enough to work with professionals who I watched be the first to arrive, work all day in stressful environments, and be the last to leave.

They are the professionals who work all of the time and are never seen or heard from on camera. They are silent and remain behind the scenes. Every day, more and more threats emerge in our world. Everything from terrorism to rising crime rates continues to make our world more and more dangerous. One thing is for sure, the need for protection and personal security is not going away. If you are interested in the industry of bodyguard work or executive protection, or even if you are already working in this field, this book is a great resource. It lists 101 principles that have been learned by someone who has been working in the private security and executive protection sector for over ten years. Each guide is born out of personal experience working in the field.

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