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HowExpert Guide to Cats: 101 Tips to Learn How to Get, Take Care of, Raise, and Love Cats as a Cat Guardian

Autor: HowExpert, Crystal Rector Narrador: Kim Ramón Audiolibro

This is the definitive guide for anyone who wants to learn best practices for cat guardianship. In addition, the book is designed to help guide novice feline enthusiasts, preparing them for the rewarding experience of sharing their lives with a cat.

Experienced aficionados of feline-kind will benefit from reading the book as well since the information contained inside combines long-established knowledge with the most cutting-edge techniques for providing a long and gratifying relationship with a cat – or with several cats. There is always more to learn about these beautiful, mysterious, and soulful creatures.

This book features 101 tips for successful cat parenting, taking the reader from the planning stage for acquiring a new feline family member through the final goodbye, with helpful suggestions sprinkled throughout. Topics covered include:

The Why, When, What, Where, Who, and How of adding a cat to your family

How to ensure you find the best health care team for your new family member, emphasizing needs specific to cats

Which medical procedures and recommendations to expect from veterinary practitioners

Feline nutrition and how it differs from that of other species

How grooming and dental care fit into a cat’s health requirements

The various life stages: Kitten, prime adult, senior, and super-senior, with hallmarks and recommendations for each stage

End-of-life care

Let this be your go-to guide for all matters feline.Have fun with your cat.

About the Expert

Crystal Rector, raised in a feline-loving family, has studied cats since early childhood. Spending her spare time with the many barn cats on the farm where she was raised, she dreamed for years that one day she would photograph them for a living, but instead found herself working in various roles within the veterinary industry for a collective ten years.

HowExpert publishes quick how to guides by everyday experts.

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