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HowExpert Guide to Composting: Learn Everything About Bins, Compost Use, Decomposition, and Organic Waste from A to Z

Autor: HowExpert, Keilin Huang Narrador: Bill Anciaux Audiolibro

If you want to learn about composting, then get “HowExpert Guide to Composting.”

Maybe you have just learned about composting or maybe you knew about it but did not know where to start. This book is your go-to guide to learn all about composting and what it will entail. With easy to digest chapters and informative sections, you will learn:

• How to choose a compost bin
• Whether to put your compost bin indoors or outdoors
• Hot composting versus cold composting
• What organic material to compost, including “greens and browns”
• Waste that should not be composted
• How to begin adding and layering the organic waste to your bin
• The importance of aerating your bin
• All about what to do after your compost is done decomposing, including sifting and testing the compost
• Different methods of composting, from using worms to fermenting
• Commercial composting and how composting works on a large scale
• How compost benefits your garden and helps with yard work
• The role compost plays in providing nutrients to plants
• Benefits that compost provides for humans
• How compost can save the environment and save you money
• Why compost can be an important tool in STEM curriculum and for bettering yourself as a person
• The history of compost, from methods used by ancient civilizations to early composters to composting nowadays

Get “HowExpert Guide to Composting” Today!

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