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HowExpert Guide to Eugene, Oregon: 101 Tips to Learn the History, Discover the Best Places to Visit, Eat Great Food, and Have Fun Exploring Eugene, Oregon

Autor: HowExpert, Kristy Johnson Narrador: N. W. Edwards Audiolibro

Known as “Track Town USA,” “The Emerald Valley,” or “Nike Town,” Eugene is the second-largest city in Oregon. Home to the Summer Olympic Trials and many other exciting outdoor events, this area is a hidden gem.

In this travel guide, you can learn everything you need to know for an exciting and wonderful vacation to this centrally located destination. We say ‘centrally located’ because Eugene is only an hour from the mountains to the East (the Cascade Range) or the Oregon Coast to the West (the town of Florence, Oregon)!

The book offers seven chapters of expert, native perspectives in different areas such as:

– Chapter 1: History of Eugene. An overview of the area, the people, and the culture that has shaped the city.

– Chapter 2: All about outdoor recreation, in Eugene, the Oregon Coast, and in the Cascade Mountains! From rock-climbing to sand surfing on the dunes to soaking in the natural hot springs – there’s something for everyone!

– Chapter 3: Focuses on the indoor activities available in all three of these wonderful areas.

– Chapter 4 - Looks at Hotels, B&B’s, and other lodging accommodations in all three areas, from the boutique hotels of Eugene to the rustic lodges of the mountains.

– Chapter 5: Dining! From casual food carts to five-star restaurants, this chapter has just the local food seen in Eugene covered!

– Chapter 6: Dining outside of Eugene - Either at the coast or going up to the Mountains, this chapter is full of dining delights not located in Eugene!

– Chapter 7: Beer, Wine, Drinks, and Dance Clubs in Eugene. This chapter has a comprehensive list of everywhere to go in the Eugene area to get your drink, dance, or simply enjoy some of the craft brews the area is known for!

Check out HowExpert Guide to Eugene, Oregon, to learn the history, discover the best places to visit, eat great food, and have fun exploring Eugene, Oregon!

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