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HowExpert Guide to Fantasy Football: 101 Tips to Learn How to Play, Strategize, and Win at Fantasy Football

Autor: HowExpert, Bobby Duke Narrador: Ben Herold Audiolibro

Have you ever found yourself wondering what could possibly make fantasy football – seemingly, an imaginary sports game - so popular? Or maybe you love watching NFL games every Sunday and have always wanted to add a unique spin to one of your favorite past times. If you are interested in learning how to successfully navigate one of the most entertaining online sports competitions around, you’ve come to the right place!

In this book, you will be taken on a journey through 101 tips that will help you learn - and more importantly, love – all of the aspects surrounding the wonderful world of fantasy football. Some main points that will be covered include:

• Basic rules, positions, and scoring systems involved with standard fantasy leagues

• Types of fantasy football drafts and how to prepare for them

• Identifying value in different rounds of your league’s draft

• How and when to target specific players for your roster

• Understanding waivers, trades, and playoff scenarios for successful in-season play

• Useful techniques to identify great additions off the waiver wire

• Specialized alterations to scoring and league positions to increase competition

Let these pages be your guide to prepare you for a thrilling new adventure. You’ll divulge in topics from the onset of preseason evaluations to the draft that commences the season. You’ll even dive into what it takes to turn the vital moves you make throughout the regular season into playoff hopes and dreams. These chapters will help you comprehend the rules and strategies needed to succeed at this invigorating pursuit, all while striving to earn those highly sought-after bragging rights by winning a championship!

Gone are the days where you absent-mindedly scroll through your newsfeed to occupy your free time; from the minute you open the first page of this book, you will be astounded that you didn’t find this enthralling new hobby sooner!

© 2021 HowExpert (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781648917127