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HowExpert Guide to Fiction Ghostwriting: 101 Tips to Learn How to Start, Grow, and Succeed as a Freelance Fiction Ghostwriter

Autor: HowExpert, Anie Edemekong Narrador: James Pafford Audiolibro

If you want to discover how to become a freelance fiction ghostwriter, then check out HowExpert Guide to Fiction Ghostwriting.

We go through life searching for what it is we are passionate about. And when we finally do, we tend to look for ways to earn a living from it. The problem is? It's not easy getting to monetize your passion-driven skills. It's even way harder when it involves making a living from a skill that seems to be as saturated as fiction ghostwriting. But that's the point; saturated. If you want to stand out, you must act differently. If you're going to stand out, you must write differently. If you must stand out, you must be what no one expects you to be.

That's what this guide is about. By recollecting past experiences from a once naive fiction ghostwriter who finally found his way to the top, this guide will help shape you in the right direction from the onset. It will reveal to you how to find your passion in fiction writing, monetize it, overcome the hurdle and loopholes that you'll likely face, and come out on top as a high-earning fiction ghostwriter. If others could make it using these methods, you can make it too. If you are tired of being an average or struggling fiction ghostwriter, then take a look at these 101 proven tips.

Check out HowExpert Guide to Fiction Ghostwriting to start, grow, and succeed in your fiction ghostwriting career!

About the Expert

Anie Edemekong first started as an article writer on Fiverr far back in 2017. He discovered his passion for fiction writing when he unexpectedly got a fiction writing job in 2020, where he wrote it tremendously well. It was so good the client asked him to give fiction writing a shot. Today, he makes thousands from writing just fiction books for different clients globally.

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