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HowExpert Guide to Ketogenic Diet: 101 Tips on Improving Your Health and Losing Weight by Living a Keto Lifestyle

Autor: HowExpert, Zach Heern Narrador: Matthew Haynes Audiolibro

If you want to discover how to improve your health and lose weight by living a keto lifestyle, then check out HowExpert Guide to Ketoegenic Diet.

In this book, Zach Heern gives us a detailed look at the ketogenic diet. Keto has become a popular diet in recent years. Although it's not a new diet, its recent fame comes from success story after success story. This book discusses keto from top to bottom, examining everything a person would ever need to know about keto. In addition, you will learn what ketosis is and the science behind it.

Additionally, you will learn about the health benefits of keto and how to get started on the diet. Zach shows you how to follow a ketogenic diet long-term, even if you live a busy lifestyle. He also helps you understand the challenges of a ketogenic lifestyle related to traveling, social pressures, finances, prior health conditions, and much more. Moreover, he takes the time to lay out his experience with living the keto lifestyle through personal anecdotes and research. Zach has been following a ketogenic diet since March of 2021. He has lived the keto lifestyle amidst demanding jobs, raising a family, and living within a certain budget.

Lastly, this book answers a cornucopia of the most frequently asked questions regarding keto, like, "Is keto good for me long term? Should I follow the ketogenic diet if I have diabetes or other health issues?" And "How does keto compare to other diets?" Zach discusses truths and myths about keto and makes the argument that keto is the best diet for most but not all people. He leaves no stone unturned and makes every effort to address any question, objection, or concern. If you want to know everything there is to know about the ketogenic diet, then you're reading the right book!

Check out HowExpert Guide to Ketogenic Diet to discover how to improve your health and lose weight by living a keto lifestyle!

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