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HowExpert Guide to Toy Collecting: 101 Tips on How to Find, Buy, Collect, and Sell Collectible Toys for Toy Collectors

Autor: HowExpert, Charlotte Hopkins Narrador: N. W. Edwards Audiolibro

If you want to discover how to find, buy, collect, and sell collectible toys, then check out HowExpert Guide to Toy Collecting.

Toys are the one item that connects us all. They bring us back to our childhood and reconnect us to a simpler time in life. Toys carry some of our favorite memories. Some collectors choose toys that they dreamed of having but never did – until now. Today is the day to reach out and grab that special toy and build a collection all around it!

You will find just what you need to do all that in HowExpert Guide to Toy Collecting. One of the essential aspects of collecting toys is to know their history. This book is chock full of historical dates and facts that all collectors should know, including information on identifying toys and their manufacturer.

In addition, there are resources and tips on how to find collectible toys (both old and new) along with the safest ways to clean, display, and take care of these toys. Learn where to meet fellow collectors and the best ways to sell and trade collectible toys, all through the pages of this guide.

Check out HowExpert Guide to Toy Collecting now!

About the Expert

Charlotte Hopkins is a freelance writer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an author of nine books, including her children’s books, featuring Pixie Trist and Bo, and her “365 Days” series. She was also published three times in the Chicken Soup for the Soul series, the Shadows & Light Anthology, and Authors for Haiti. She has released a line of journals and logbooks under “Kannyn Books.” She is also a collector of several items. Her first collection was keychains, and she collects penguins, wooden boxes, miniatures (including miniature books), journals, and pens. She just started collecting Magic 8 Balls and Pen Cups. She has a fondness for writing, photography, astrology, history, museums, and everything purple!

HowExpert publishes how to guides by everyday experts.

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