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Magic & Menopause

Autor: Lisa Manifold Narrador: Eva Wilhelm Audiolibro

Five weeks ago, I might have killed a man. Five days ago, I met my husband's other wife. Five minutes ago, a dead body washed ashore. Just another day in the life of an Oracle.

I thought taking care of the hex that wanted to kill me was all I had to worry about, but then Farrah Lockwood arrives on my porch with a new mystery. She's come to me for advice, but the fact she found me at all means there are bigger things afoot.

What seems like a simple whodunit quickly becomes deeper and I find myself holding tight on a roller coaster ride into an ancient Egyptian curse, a pair of secret societies about to go to war, and an alarming revelation that my new friend Logan is tied up in this as well. I had just settled into the idea of being a widow when all this Oracle business landed on my arm. Now, the threats that follow Farrah have arrived on my doorstep and there's more at stake than any of us know.

Did I forget to mention my doctor has confirmed I'm in menopause and all of this is getting on my last nerve? Once upon a time, I imagined forty-five would find me dealing with an empty nest and planning for retirement. I never thought I'd be single, sweaty, and fighting to stay alive.

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