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Mistress of Green Tree Mill

Autor: Elisabeth McNeill Narrador: Angela Ness Audiolibro

She must find the courage to accept her fate.

At the age of eleven young Lizzie Mudie’s life changes forever. With the death of her mother in the most shocking disaster, Dundee has ever seen, Lizzie is forced to grow up quickly. She discovers a strength beyond her years and when an unexpected legacy bestows upon her the dilapidated Green Tree Mill, she is determined to turn things around.

Lizzie becomes a formidable mistress, but is she prepared for the price she – and those she loves – will have to pay for her success? A page-turning saga of hope in the face of adversity for fans of Dilly Court.

Elisabeth McNeill is a long-established freelance journalist and broadcaster who has written five non-fiction books and 26 novels. She now lives with a miniature dachshund, who thinks he is a Great Dane, in the oldest inhabited village on the Scottish borders, where she spent most of her school days.

© 2021 SAGA Egmont (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9788726869576

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