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Natural Born Exorcist: Nephilim Narratives, Book 1

Autor: Hadena James Narrador: Meghan Kelly Audiolibro

Soleil Burns works for the Bureau of Exorcism. Paired up with a US Marshals Fugitive Recovery Team they will try to bring back an escaped convict possessed by a demon and hiding in the slums of Chicago.

It immediately becomes apparent that there is more going on than a simple case of a possessed escaped convict. The entire Division of Magic in Chicago has also been possessed. It’s a feat that could only have been accomplished by a very powerful witch or wizard.

As Soleil digs deeper into the mass possession of a critical part of the police department, she will need all her skills as an exorcist and an investigator. It will also require an open heart and some sage advice from friends and family, to help her face down some of the most powerful beings she has ever dealt with. Both human and demonic.

© 2021 Spotify Audiobooks (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781662257957

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