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11H 51M

Orchestra of Bandits

Autor: Mustafa Mutlu Narrador: Philip Arditti Audiolibro y Libro electrónico

Five armed robbers disguised as cuddly cartoon characters storm a bank. Although they say they are there to rob the place, it becomes clear that they have a much more complex plan: all of the robbers want to atone for their past sins and to punish other criminals whom justice cannot touch. Word gets out that the robbery is taking place and before they know it, the whole country is following the heist live... The Orchestra of Bandits realise that their actions will impact not only the lives of everyone in the building, but society as a whole...is everyone ready for a new perspective on good and bad...?

© 2021 Storytel Original (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9789180245104 © 2021 Storytel Original (Libro electrónico) ISBN: 9789180245357 Título original: Haydutlar Orkestrası - Soygun Traductor: Didem Dinçsoy Bozdas

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