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9H 20M

Outlaw Country

Autor: J.A. Johnstone, William W. Johnstone Narrador: Jack Garrett Audiolibro

For most couples, the marriage vows end with "'Til death do us part." But when
Smoke Jensen takes Sally Reynolds as his lawfully wedded wife, it's just the
beginning. The tragic deaths of Smoke's first wife and child weigh heavily on his
heart. Thankfully, Sally is there to give him the support he needs when they return
to Colorado, where it all happened. She's ready to embrace her husband's past—
for better or worse—and to welcome his friend Preacher into the family. But
when outlaws make an attempt to kidnap a local girl, Sally is forced to use the gun
skills she had learned from Smoke to save both of their lives, learning the hard
way what it means to be married to a Jensen …

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