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Kidnapped from the Earth People as a child, White Ash learns the way of the Sun People as she grows into a beautiful woman. But the disturbing dreams that made her an outcast in her old tribe are becoming stronger and they foretell a frightening future of bitter cold, war and famine. When a hostile tribe massacres her adopted family, White Ash is raped and left near death, but is miraculously saved by a brave shaman … and falls in love with him. Together they set out on a dangerous journey to steal a magical object - but they soon face a ruthless enemy who wants White Ash for his own.

Performed by Nanette Savard; Joe Brack; Margie Tompros; Tim Getman; Kate Foster; Casie Platt, Andy Clemence; Tony Nam; James Lewis; Joseph Thornhill; James Keegan; Lily Beacon; Ken Jackson; Nick DePinto; Eric Messner; Rick Rohan; Elisabeth Demery; Christopher Scheeren; Michael John Casey; Scott McCormick; MB Van Dorn; Dan Stevens; Ren Kasey.

© 2020 GraphicAudio (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781648814303

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