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A gripping new saga of pre-historic America that takes us to the Mississippi Valley and the tribe known as the Mound builders. It is a time of troubles. In Cahokia, the corn crop is failing again and a warchief--and the warrior woman he may never possess--are disgusted by their Chief's lust for tribute. Now even the gods have turned their faces, closing the underworld to the seers. If the gods have abandoned the people, there is no hope--unless it comes in the form of a young girl who is learning to Dream of Power.
Performed by Nanette Savard, Margie Tompros, Christopher Graybill , Gregory Gorton, Colleen Delany, Alyssa Wilmoth, Danny Gavigan, Kimberly Gilbert, Julie-Ann Elliott, Richard Rohan, Alexander Strain, Ken Jackson, Nick DePinto, Rose Elizabeth Supan, Michael Glenn, Casie Platt, Joseph Thornhill, Lily Beacon, Larissa Gallagher, James Konicek, Elizabeth Jernigan, Mort Shelby, Tim Carlin, Thomas Keegan, Yasmin Tuazon, Chris Rohan.

© 2020 GraphicAudio (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781648814365

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