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Rattlesnake Wind

Autor: Lilith Saintcrow Libro electrónico

A teenager must rely on deadly magic taught by an elderly neighbor to protect her family in this coming-of-age story.

After the death of their abusive patriarch, sixteen-year-old Desiree “Dez” Sarpe and her family moved to the high plains of Wyoming for a fresh start. Life is quieter now, but peace doesn’t put food on the table. Unable to get a job, Dez reluctantly stays home—before following a track in the long grass and finding Granny Iyaga.

Granny hires Dez for housecleaning, and also begins teaching her peculiar things. School starts, winter approaches, and for the first time, Dez begins to relax.

But there are dangers other than lightning and rattlesnakes out on the plains, and one has targeted the Sarpes. Dez has learned a thing or two about protecting her family . . .

. . . but it might not be enough.

Praise for Rattlesnake Wind

“Mixes daring magic with teenage romance . . . Saintcrow’s writing is sharp and poignant. . . . The magic provides a satisfying backdrop for the family drama that unfolds. Longtime fantasy readers will enjoy Saintcrow’s take on the magic-tinged bildungsroman.” —Publishers Weekly

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