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Samandy: A Modern (and True!) Fable on How to Have Happiness, Learn Love, and Make Miracles

Autor: Joe Vitale Narrador: Don Hagen Audiolibro

What does a beautiful woman with probing questions have to do with your next breakthrough? Samandy holds the answer. Samandy is Dr. Joe Vitale's first, long-lost, self-help fable from 1988, never before published...until now! Have you ever had an intense conversation where the questions asked led to new discoveries you could not have imagined? That is the enlightening power of Samandy. The rich and, at times, emotionally-charged conversations inside may challenge you, even irritate you; but when they reveal the powerful message that lies beneath, it will leave you wanting more. If you have ever… • Thrown your hands up and said, “What's the point? I'll never get what I want!” • Felt that chasing dreams is a waste of time, or • Felt cheated in life, then this fable may ring true for you as well. When can you ask too many questions of yourself and your beliefs? Never-unless you want to stop growing and manifesting miracles.

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