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The forbidding world of Deathlands is the legacy of a doomed age. How it came to be—and why—are questions lost in the wreckage of post-apocalyptic reality. Though survival in this stange and surreal new world conspires to crush the human spirit, hope is not dead for Ryan Cawdor's survivalist warriors. But staying alive requires a ready weapon and a willingness to kill.
Krysty Wroth's sentient power comes under psychic attack by a mortally wounded doomie desperate to find a new vessel for her mystical abilities, placing Ryan's group in double jeopardy. As the group flees a firefight in Idaho, escaping upriver with the ragged survivors of a savaged ville, the voyage through the mutie-infested waters leads to a confrontation with a baron who discovery of pre-dark space technology may lead them to the shocking truth of the legacy of Deathlands...
In the Deathlands, hell is for the living.

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