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Stress Survival

Autor: Kerry L. Johnson Narrador: Kerry L. Johnson Audiolibro

Stress can either help or hurt your performance. It can bring out the best in you, or make you ill. This program will show you what stress is and how to make it a strength, rather than a weakness. Stress Survival will also show you how to recognize the symptoms of stress in yourself, as well as in others. Stress Survival will teach you ten survival techniques designed to control stress problems. This program includes six self-tests which will predict what stress-related problems you may have in the future, depending on how you cope with stress right now.
In this program you will learn:
1- How to measure your stress level using the SUDS measurement technique.
2- How type A behavior can create anxiety and depression
3- The PQRS technique of overcoming stress
4-Vitamin and supplements that will decrease the stress response
5-How progressive relaxation can help you regain control in any stressful situation
Includes a reference guide

© 2015 Ascent Audio (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781469002804

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