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The Genius Within

Autor: David Adam Narrador: David Thorpe Audiolibro

Award-winning science writer David Adam, reveals how frontier neuroscience can enhance your intelligence.
What if the route to better brain power is not hard work or thousands of hours of practice but to simply swallow a pill? In The Genius Within, bestselling author David Adam explores the ground-breaking neuroscience of cognitive enhancement. Sharing his own experiments with revolutionary smart drugs and electrical brain stimulation, he delves into the sinister history of intelligence tests and reveals how he boosted his own IQ to cheat his way into Mensa.
“Witty, sharp and enlightening ... This book will make you smarter.” ADAM RUTHERFORD

From the Sunday Times bestselling author of The Man Who Couldn't Stop.

© 2018 W. F. Howes Ltd (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781528807494

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