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The Law of Large Numbers - How to Make Success Inevitable

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Apply this incredible law to every area of your life. While the law of large numbers has been applied to fields such as math and science for several decades, its power has just recently begun to be applied to the fields of business and personal growth.

Today, people from all walks of life are using the law of large numbers to achieve their highest objectives, with great confidence and complete peace of mind. Now, award-winning speaker and personal performance expert Dr. Gary Goodman has created a full-scale program showing you how to apply this incredible law to every area of your life. Gary shares with you the amazing power this simple philosophy has brought to his life and the hundreds of people he has consulted with.

According to Gary, "If you stand second in line in enough lines, sooner or later, even by sheer luck, you are bound to reach the top in at least one, if not several of those lines, over time."

• A new process of setting clear goals in every major area of your life.
• How to gain the ability to focus on positive outcomes in all situations.
• The law of large numbers approach to being more successful in any sales position.
• How to become an expert communicator by expanding your vocabulary with the law of large numbers. • A clear, concise action plan for how you can develop your own personal law of large numbers strategy and apply it to any area of your life.
• A 31-day action plan to stay positive every day and stay on track with your law of large numbers campaign.
• And much, much more!

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