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The Radioactive Redhead

Autor: John Zakour, Lawrence Ganem Libro electrónico

Everyone’s favorite sci-fi PI is back on the beat in this third Nuclear Bombshell mystery. Includes the prequel novella, The Peach-Blonde Bomber!

After a chance encounter at a Kabuki theater, Zach Johnson has reluctantly agreed to lend a hand to Sexy Sprockets, 2060’s most fabulously famous pop-singer. Sexy has received a slew of death threats from an obsessive fan intent on making sure her ascendant career is cut short. In the guise of Sexy’s bodyguard, Zach enters the dizzying world of showbiz to uncover Sexy’s stalker before he can make good on his threats.

Together with his sentient super-computer, HARV, and his psionic assistant, Carol, Zach must use all his PI wisdom to ensnare the would-be killer. At the same time, world famous media mogul Rupert Roundtree has positioned Zach as the unwilling star of his next great reality series, entitled Let’s Kill Zach. Zach will need to stay one step ahead of the murderous mogul if he’s going to save the imperiled pop singer.

Praise for the Nuclear Bombshell mysteries

“A wild and crazy adventure that blends noir detective fiction and far-out future SF to create a tongue-in-cheek, thoroughly enjoyable story.” —SF Site

“Surprisingly clever . . . spoofs the genre and everything else in sight.” —Science Fiction Chronicle

“Abbott and Costello meet a futuristic crime noir . . . readers will laugh until they cry.” —

“A fun romp through cyberspace and the future Earth . . . I enjoyed this tongue-in-cheek look at the future of private investigation.” —

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