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Novela negra
4H 30M

The Time of Your Life

Autor: James Pattinson Narrador: Jonathan Keeble Audiolibro

No one could understand why George Calder had committed suicide. He left a note but this was too cryptic to provide any clue as to the reason. In her determination to solve the mystery behind her husband's death, Margaret Calder turned to an old friend for help. Keith Brooke was only too willing to do what he could, especially as he too had become intrigued by the strange circumstances surrounding George's death. The search for an answer led him to farflung destinations, to great expense and unexpected danger. However there were compensations - not the least of which was the attractive blonde named Kelly Oates. But she was something of a mystery too...

© 2009 Soundings (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781407908601

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