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Wayward Souls [Dramatized Adaptation]: Souls of the Road 1

Autor: Devon Monk Narrador: Holly Adams, Mike Carnes, Karen Novack, Dan Delgado, Robb Moreira, David Cui Cui, Elena Anderson, Jon Vertullo, Earl Fisher, Stephanie Nemeth Parker, Ryan H. Reid Audiolibro

"Betrayals and secrets, devils and saviors, fae folk and foul, and a magic stronger than even the gods can tame...
Lovers Lula and Brogan Gauge have dealt with magic, monsters, and gods for eighty years. Bound to travel the lonely roads of Route 66, Brogan’s a spirit with no chance of leaving the earthly realm while Lula, neither human nor monster, is only half-alive.
Their search for a way to break their curse might finally come to an end if the ghost in Illinois is telling the truth about a magical journal.
Lula and Brogan aren’t alone in wanting the journal. If they don’t get to it first, their chance at freedom might just turn into the fight of their un-lives...
Performed by Robb Moreira, Elena Anderson, Ryan H. Reid, Stephanie Németh-Parker, Holly Adams, Karen Novack, Earl Fisher, Mike Carnes, Jon Vertullo, Dan Delgado, David Cui Cui, James J. Johnson, and Nicole Perez."

© 2022 GraphicAudio (Audiolibro) ISBN: 9781685086589

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