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Why Me? Why Here? Why Now?: How to stop feeling lost, find your purpose and live a meaningful life

Autor: Marc Reklau Narrador: Greg Douras Audiolibro

Stop being lost, find your purpose, and live the life of your dreams.Do you feel lost sometimes? Not knowing why you are here and what to do with your life?Do you feel deep inside that there must be something more?What if you already had the answers to all your questions?What if you finally could see clearly?
In this simple step-by-step guide, international bestselling author Marc Reklau shows you how to find your purpose. Marc himself was lost for the longest time in his life and finally found his purpose when forty years old. It might save you a couple of years of confusion. What if he told you that you probably already know your purpose? Your inner voice probably has been telling it to you for a long time. The question is . . . are you listening? Are you ready to take the call?

The exercises and habits in this book will help you to learn to listen to that inner voice, rediscover the answers that you already have, and, in consequence, find your "bliss," your "ikigai," your purpose.

In this simple, straightforward book, you will learn:

• How to find your purpose even if you don't have "a plan."
• How to ask the right questions that bring you closer to your purpose
• How even painful emotions like hate and fear can guide you towards your goal
• How to learn from the bad experiences
• How to acquire a positive attitude towards yourself and others.

and much more…

This book will help you get rid of damaging beliefs like "I'm a helpless victim and have no power over what happens in my life," and show you how to take 100% responsibility for your life. Your purpose leaves tracks. If you follow the breadcrumbs, you will sooner or later find it. If you don't give up on the way or settle for less, that is

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