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Auteur: Émile Zola Narrateur: Kenny Davis Livre audio

Émile Zola was a French novelist and journalist who lived in the 19th century. Money was a recurring theme in many of his works, including his most famous series of novels, Les Rougon-Macquart.

In Les Rougon-Macquart, Zola explored the impact of money on French society during the Second Empire, a period of rapid industrialization and economic growth. He depicted the corrupting influence of money on individuals and society, and the destructive consequences of greed and avarice.

In his novel L'Argent (Money), Zola examines the world of finance and speculation in Paris during the 1860s. The novel follows the rise and fall of the powerful financier Aristide Saccard, who uses his wealth and influence to manipulate the stock market and exploit the working class. Zola portrays Saccard as a symbol of the excesses and immorality of capitalism, and shows how his pursuit of money ultimately leads to his downfall.

Overall, Zola's works provide a critical commentary on the role of money in society and the dangers of unchecked capitalism. His writings continue to be studied and appreciated for their insight into the complex relationship between money, power, and human behavior.

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