And the Word Became Flesh - Holly Hoffman Thomas

And the Word Became Flesh

And the Word Became Flesh

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The key to becoming a saint is to actively practice the virtues. How can you practice the virtues if you do not understand the concept of "virtues"? This book is comprised of twelve virtues that will aid you in your quest to become a saint. The three theological virtues (faith, hope, charity) are in Part 1 of this book. Next, you will dive into the four cardinal virtues (prudence, justice, fortitude, temperance). Finally, you will learn about five virtues close to my heart (patience, compassion, perseverance, authenticity, purposefulness). It is my hope that you will find at least one of these virtues tugging at your heart to develop further in your life. Perhaps learning of these virtues will lead you to research other virtues and their meaning to you.

In a concise, easy to follow format, each chapter consists of the following elements pertaining to each virtue:

·Scripture passages
·Catechism of the Catholic Church references
·A saint that exhibits the virtue
·Real lives, real stories connecting each virtue to another person
·Reflection tying the saint to the other person as he/she strives for that virtue
·Questions to guide you to reflect on each virtue
·Digging deeper where you can ponder Biblical figures and how they practice each virtue
·Closing prayer

As you journey through this book, I pray you grow closer to God. Let us stand together to live a virtuous life, countercultural to what the world offers today.
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Editore: Resource Publications
Pubblicato: 2018-03-27
ISBN: 9781532647284

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