December Roses

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Divorce, the termination of marriage, currently affects approximately one out of two marriages in the United States. There is no guarantee for those attending church required marital preparation classes or by celebrating a religious ceremony that the union will not conclude in the tragedy of divorce. As the Church lists marriage as a vocation (a call from God), it is quite evident that in many cases God is not a part of the lived out experience of many married couples.

Though much literature has been written on this topic, December Roses details the thought processes associated with the planning and execution of a divorce and the painful emotions and feelings which occur, while at the same time providing a means of prayerful healing for those involved in the divorce situation.

Divorce touches many issues and feelings. As marriages die and friendships are broken, the pain cries out for healing. Pastorally, through case study, reflection, and prayer, the issues inherent in any divorce are brought forward to the healing movements of God.

As a priest for twenty-six years, I have witnessed, counseled, and cried with family, friends, and parishioners as divorce took its toll on very good people. This book is written with the faith that God is greater than our human moments of grief. Through God's compassion, healing is possible.
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Editore: Resource Publications
Pubblicato: 2011-03-03
ISBN: 9781498271264

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