Liturgical Liaisons - Jamey Heit

Liturgical Liaisons

Liturgical Liaisons

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When Jesus offers his body as a promise to his disciples, he initiates a liturgical framework that is driven by irony and betrayal. Through these deconstructive elements, however, the promise invites the disciples into an intimate space where they anticipate the fulfillment of what is to come. This anticipatory energy provides the common thread between Donne and Dickinson, who draw specifically on the unstable story that unfolds during the Last Supper in order to develop a liturgical poetics.

By tracing the implications of the body as a textual presence, Liturgical Liaisons opens into new readings of Donne and Dickinson in a way that enriches how these figures are understood as poets. The result is a risky and rewarding understanding of how these two figures challenged accepted theological norms of their day.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Narrativa Serie: Princeton Theological Monograph Series: 189 Traduttore:

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Editore: Pickwick Publications
Pubblicato: 2013-01-10
ISBN: 9781621895572

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