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The Spicy Vegetarian Cookbook

The Spicy Vegetarian Cookbook

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Tasty vegetarian recipes that crank up the heat!

Say goodbye to bland veggie dishes and hello to meals that are bursting with flavor! The Spicy Vegetarian helps you create delicious, mouth-tingling recipes that will keep you and your family full throughout the day. Featuring more than 200 spicy vegetarian dishes, this cookbook offers meals that will satisfy everyone's tastebuds, including:Poblano hash brownsCurried red lentil soupSpicy chipotle and thyme mashed sweet potatoesSpaghetti with sweet corn, tomatoes, and goat cheeseBourbon and chili brownies
Complete with easy, step-by-step instructions and plenty of preparation tips, The Spicy Vegetarian has everything you need to make mouthwatering, meat-free meals in no time!
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Editore: Adams Media
Pubblicato: 2013-12-03
ISBN: 9781440573279

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