The Checklist Book - Alexandra Franzen

The Checklist Book

The Checklist Book

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Master both major and minor tasks—by going back to the basics and writing out a simple checklist. It will change your life.

The checklist is one of the world’s oldest—and most effective—productivity systems. If anything, says entrepreneur Alexandra Franzen, it is just as valuable now as it was during the days of the Roman Empire, allowing us to tangibly plan our day and set in stone what we want to accomplish. There are countless apps and organizational systems promising to help us straighten out our lives, but often they only add to the madness and leave us feeling drained and overwhelmed. Learn how to:
· Choose your highest priorities
· Set realistic goals
· Celebrate tiny wins
· Feel calmer every day

By physically writing down our tasks on a single piece of paper, we force ourselves to be realistic and limit how much we can do in a day. Too often, we cram our day with tasks and chores and leave almost no space for self-care or time with loved ones. We end up disappointed in our inability to complete our never-ending to-do list. Checklists help you accomplish what needs to be done—and enjoy things you want to be doing, too.

“There are thousands of books on how to become more organized and productive, but very few have the heart, soul, humor, and gentle encouragement of this book.” —Ellen Fondiler, career and business strategist
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Editore: Mango Media
Pubblicato: 2020-01-14
ISBN: 9781642501193

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