The Blueprint of God - Don W. Long

The Blueprint of God

The Blueprint of God

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The Blueprint of God helps individuals restore their identity as champions, ambassadors, and governing saints as being one with the Father.

The Blueprint of God helps Christians to partner with the Father to manifest their dreams and create a compelling future for themselves and the people around them. Dreams coming true will have an eternal impact as well as a national impact. Don W. Long created this blueprint to help those become all that they were meant to be when they are able to restore their true identity as sons and daughters of God and realize that He left us in charge to take dominion, be fruitful and multiply. Within The Blueprint of God Christians are shown a blueprint connecting them to their destiny, dreams, and desires that are hidden inside of them, that part of who they are is uncovering their destiny, and so much more!
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Editore: Morgan James Publishing
Pubblicato: 2020-02-04
ISBN: 9781642796865

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