Slaying the Giants in Your Life - David Jeremiah

Slaying the Giants in Your Life

Slaying the Giants in Your Life

5 1 5 Scritto da: David Jeremiah Letto da: Tommy Creswell
Fight fear, destroy discouragement, win against worry, and disarm your doubts.

The Bible warns us of "giants in the land," and whether they're literal like Goliath or figurative like fear, loneliness, and temptation, their goal is the same: to crush God's people. Beloved Bible teacher and pastor Dr. David Jeremiah shows you how to stand up to these bullies and win—with God's help!

Whichever giant is intimidating you, the message of Slaying the Giants in Your Life is that God has the strength to bring you victory. You never walk alone and never have to live defeated. Learn to:

• Fight your fear
• Destroy your discouragement
• Liberate yourself from loneliness
• Win against worry
• Guard against guilt
• Resist your resentment

These are daunting giants, but thankfully you have access to God’s Word, which is a wealth of knowledge, encouragement, and power. With God on your side, you never walk alone or in weakness. Stand against the giants that seek to discourage you!
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Editore: Thomas Nelson
Pubblicato: 2020-03-10
Durata: 8H 31Min
ISBN: 9780785236849

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