6 Days with Thomas Merton: A Spiritual Retreat - Donald Goergen

6 Days with Thomas Merton: A Spiritual Retreat

6 Days with Thomas Merton: A Spiritual Retreat

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Explore the contemplative mysticism of Thomas Merton in this one-of-a-kind retreat.

Led by gifted professor, author, and contemplative retreat leader Fr. Donald Goergen, O.P., this life-changing series will capture your spiritual imagination and deepen your life with Christ. As Prof. Lawrence Cunningham writes, “Thomas Merton could easily be called the greatest spiritual writer and spiritual master of the twentieth century in English-speaking America.” He was a monk and seeker—restless, deeply contemplative, and socially conscious. A prolific writer, he wrote such beloved spiritual classics as The Seven Storey Mountain and New Seeds of Contemplation, which are cherished worldwide.

Thomas Merton’s words echo through the decades, offering us timeless wisdom and a vision for unity in the modern world. Fr. Goergen will guide you through Merton’s deepest thoughts on solitude, contemplation, peace, and interreligious dialogue. You will come to understand how we are all called to discipleship and spiritual growth.

Whatever your calling, Merton’s mystical vision will shape your spiritual life. Let Merton accompany you and offer wise guidance in your journey to eternal life.

We recommend listening to these conferences over six days and then spending time in focused prayer and rest on the seventh day.

This retreat is part of the Learn25 collection. This retreat includes a free PDF study guide prepared by your professor and course producer.
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Editore: Learn25
Pubblicato: 2011-11-14
Durata: 2H 31Min
ISBN: 9781632511607

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