The Paladin - David Ignatius

The Paladin

The Paladin

3,71 7 5 Scritto da: David Ignatius Letto da: George Guidall
When a daring, high-tech CIA operation goes wrong and is disavowed, Michael Dunne sets out for revenge.

CIA operations officer Michael Dunne is tasked with infiltrating an Italian news organization that smells like a front for an enemy intelligence service. Headed by an American journalist, the self- styled peoples bandits run a cyber operation unlike anything the CIA has seen before. Fast, slick and indiscriminate, they steal secrets from everywhere and anyone, and exploit them in ways the CIA can neither understand nor stop.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Thriller Traduttore:

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Editore: Recorded Books, Inc.
Pubblicato: 2020-05-05
Durata: 9H 59Min
ISBN: 9781980080657

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Editore: Canelo Action
Pubblicato: 2020-05-05
ISBN: 9781788639804

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