The Protector of Salt - Munshi Premchand

The Protector of Salt

The Protector of Salt

4,38 21 5 Scritto da: Munshi Premchand Letto da: Suyash Mohan
Vanshidhar takes up the job of a salt inspector in the government’s salt department. Though his father told him to accept bribe, he preferred to remain an honest man, an honest officer. One night on a bridge over the Yamuna River, Vanshidhar stops the vehicles crossing the bridge for smuggling purpose. The owner Pundit Alopodin offers him heavy price for letting him go, but Vanshidhar instead arrests Pundit Alopodin. But does his honesty pay off?

This has been translated from the famous original Hindi story called "Namak Ka Daroga" written by Munshi Premchand. He is one of the most celebrated writers of the Indian subcontinent, and is regarded as one of the foremost Hindustani writers of the early twentieth century.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Classici Traduttore: TranslationPanacea

Più informazioni

Editore: Storytel Original IN
Pubblicato: 2020-08-19
Durata: 23Min

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