Aging, Attachment and Compassion Webinar Series - John Lee

Aging, Attachment and Compassion Webinar Series

Aging, Attachment and Compassion Webinar Series

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In Spring, 2020, John delivered a brilliant program webinar series. The videos are now available as audio only for the first time.

Talk 1 May 14 Being Compassionately Assertive: Reducing Conflict by
Understanding Boundaries and Limits—More arguments and discord in
relationships at home or at work can be significantly reduced by a
fuller and deeper understanding of being compassionately assertive
instead of aggressive or passive or passive aggressive. Also, in this
presentation you will think about boundaries and limits in a way that
many have not been taught or talked about before.

Talk 2 May 21 Solving the Mysteries of Attachment in romantic and
family relationships: Learn why some relationships are just harder than
they need to be by knowing your own and others’ attachment styles that
will help build a deeper connection and intimacy with less frustration.

Talk 3 May 28 The Odyssey of Aging: Insights from a story that is
seldom told and therefore seldom heard. In this presentation
participants will be exposed, possibly for the first time, to a unique
way of thinking about growing old, not getting old.
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Editore: Better Listen
Pubblicato: 2020-11-19
Durata: 2H 44Min
ISBN: 9781615449071

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