Imagine This: Creating the Work You Love - Maxine Clair

Imagine This: Creating the Work You Love

Imagine This: Creating the Work You Love

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“Inspiring, engrossing, and informative, this is a book for all people—whether or not they consider themselves artists.” —Tayari Jones, New York Times bestselling author

Maxine Clair, award-winning author of the critically acclaimed short story collection Rattlebone and the novel October Suite, has assembled a deeply inspirational yet practical book to help readers access their inner creativity. Imagine This is a beautifully written set of deeply personal stories from which Clair draws examples of how we can be aware of the now, keep ourselves motivated, and create work of which we are proud.

Imagine This explains how some of us consciously choose the vehicle through which we express our magnificence—be it business, art, science, or other—while others of us have dutifully plied a trade in arenas that society has suggested are worthwhile, with self-expression only fixed on a hobby. Both, Clair maintains, can contribute to a good life. Occasionally, however, a moment comes that is sufficiently insistent on deep examination. In that moment we float the possibility for expression of a greater self.

Imagine This shows readers how to be aware of these moments and how our inner creativity is always seeking an outlet. By combining captivating memoir with step-by-step advice, Clair helps us find and develop our own unique and personal creative outlets.

“A guidebook to fulfilling one’s aspirations and harnessing creative energy that seamlessly blends thorough practical advice with the vivid language and pathos of memoir.” —Houston Style Magazine
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Editore: Agate Bolden
Pubblicato: 2020-11-24
ISBN: 9781572847408

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