The Man Who Would Be Jack: The Hunt For The Real Ripper - David Bullock

The Man Who Would Be Jack: The Hunt For The Real Ripper

The Man Who Would Be Jack: The Hunt For The Real Ripper

3.68 22 5 Scritto da: David Bullock Letto da: Peter Owen
Formato: audio.
London, 1891. Less than three weeks after the last Whitechapel murder, 25 year old Thomas Cutbush is committed to Broadmoor for savage knife attacks on two girls. The arresting officer, Inspector William Race, intrigued by the wealth of connections with the infamous unsolved murders in the East End, starts to wonder whether he has, in fact, arrested Jack the Ripper himself. Ignored by his superiors, and in despair, the detective eventually decides to take his story to the press. Race’s actions unleash the biggest journalistic investigation of the time. The Sun puts its star reporters on the trail of Thomas Cutbush, and the startling new evidence and compelling eyewitness testimonies they gather set up a sensational scoop. The Man Who Would Be Jack introduces the truly incredible story of the investigation conducted by The Sun and Inspector Race. With unprecedented access to long hidden records, David Bullock brings to light findings that would, at last, expose the truth of one of the world’s most tantalising mysteries.
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Editore: Spokenworld Audio/Ladbroke Audio Ltd
Pubblicato: 2014-01-01
Durata: 6H 35Min

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