The Nosework Dog - Fred Helfers

The Nosework Dog

The Nosework Dog

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Welcome to the World of Detection Dogs.

This manual is designed to assist a handler of a detection dog to enhance their team’s proficiency in the detection of a trained odor. It is the author’s belief that the foundation of a successful handler lays in accmulating both practical experience and a firm knowledge of the Canine Olfactory System.

The manual does not attempt to cover all areas of canine olfaction and odor movement. It is just the foundation, a primer where the handler should continue to learn about odor and olfaction to better understand how their canine partner detects the world of odors.

I must caution those that are new to the field of canine detection. The information contained herein is a foundation. Do not take this information and over analyze each scenting problem, let your dog teach you. “Train don’t Test”.

Watch your dog as they unravel each new scenting problem.

TRUST your dog!
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Editore: Fred Helfers
Pubblicato: 2016-07-11
ISBN: 9780996189910

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