The 250 Sales Questions To Close The Deal - Stephan Schiffman, Stephen Schiffman

The 250 Sales Questions To Close The Deal

The 250 Sales Questions To Close The Deal

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Expert Q&A that wins the deal--every time!

The key to more sales is closing more deals--and sales guru Stephan Schiffman knows all the tricks and techniques you need to do just that. Organized in a simple question-and-answer format that allows you to implement new strategies virtually overnight, this new Schiffman classic is a gold mine of practical information for all salespeople--newcomers and veterans alike. The 250 Sales Questions to Close the Deal offers cutting-edge sales questions in six core areas to help you:
Initiate contact with prospective clientsBuild rapport with your customersHelp secure the "Next Step" with every prospectCraft customized presentationsCope with setbacks or obstaclesNegotiate and finalize the best deals
No matter what you're selling--or to whom you're selling it--you'll sell more with Stephan Schiffman by your side!
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Editore: Adams Media
Pubblicato: 2005-04-01
ISBN: 9781440520976

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