Get Over Fear of Public Speaking - Fiori Giovanni

Get Over Fear of Public Speaking

Get Over Fear of Public Speaking

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When around new people there are often awkward moments when neither of you know what to say. Maybe you fumble and say something stupid. Afterwards, you say to yourself ‘I can’t believe I said that’.

Speaking in public with confidence not only means you are a ‘public speaker’. It can put you in line for the next promotion, or keep your head off the chopping block when your company is making people redundant. It also means connecting to people you want to connect with, at social events, and elsewhere.

Great Public Speaking is an opportunity for us to grow in leadership, influence people, get your idea across and make a difference. Whether you realise it or not, you are a leader. You have people in your life who look up to you. With the ability to influence we have the ability to create real, positive change in other peoples lives, as well as our own. For important things to happen, and idea needs not only to be born, but transferred from one person to many, Public speaking is great way to grow personally and professionally .

In ‘Get over fear of public speaking’, you will learn how to:

* Be aware of what is holding you back from expressing your ideas

* Organise yourself and your thought processes

* Challenge fears and recognise your path to success

* Live a life free of phobia

* Be the leader and speaker you are meant to be

Get ‘Get over fear of public speaking’ today and live your life purposefully, with no fear or hang-ups.
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Editore: Author's Republic
Pubblicato: 2018-07-31
Durata: 31Min
ISBN: 9781982716226

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