The Ultimate Sales Pro - Paul Cherry

The Ultimate Sales Pro

The Ultimate Sales Pro

3,8 10 5 Scritto da: Paul Cherry Letto da: Sean Pratt
Forget the rest. Learn to sell like the best. Better leads, solid presentations, and a more versatile closing strategy are all great for boosting B2B sales. But truly successful salespeople-the ones who seem invincible when everyone else is struggling-possess more than foundational skills. They are proactive, entrepreneurial, and find solutions for their clients. They highlight their personal value and actively manage their careers. They're hyperfocused on cultivating relationships with customers and colleagues. The Ultimate Sales Pro shows everyone how to elevate their game. Drawing on the author's vast experience training salespeople for top organizations, the book explains how to: Be your own mentor; Problem-solve with peers; Manage any boss; Identify your ideal clients; Research industry trends; Share knowledge to foster trust; Craft a powerful Unique Value Statement; Script emails and voicemails that earn attention; Uncover customer needs; Position yourself as an expert; Create customized solutions; Motivate customers to commit; Set goals; And more. Whether you're new to sales or seeking to escape a career plateau, The Ultimate Sales Pro helps you finesse skills, build expertise, and create a personal brand that will set you apart.
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Editore: Gildan Media
Pubblicato: 2018-08-14
Durata: 4H 56Min
ISBN: 9781469097800

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