Kisses between the Lines - Rachelle J. Christensen,Cami Checketts,Lucy McConnell,Heather Tullis,Connie E. Sokol

Kisses between the Lines

Kisses between the Lines

3.86 7 5 Scritto da: Rachelle J. Christensen,Cami Checketts,Lucy McConnell,Heather Tullis,Connie E. Sokol Letto da: Tanya Eby, Kate Rudd
Formato: audio.
Welcome to Echo Ridge, New York, where romance finds its way into the lives of the people who walk the streets of the close-knit community. In these five novellas, listeners will experience the power a book has to change a life, make dreams come true, and bring two hearts together.The Kiss Thief by Rachelle J. ChristensenThe old Echo Ridge library is in desperate need of a renovation. Librarian Britta Klein's heart refuses to be swayed by musician Milo Geissler and his irresistible dimpled smile. But when he helps her find a key classic book, Britta wonders if there is more to life than books and order.The Lion, the Witch & the Library by Lucy McConnellJennifer Solomon's birthday wish is to have the one person she's been too shy to go after: Kirke Staples, her best friend. Friend, as in don't fall in love with the man. But it's too late. In her efforts to win Kirke's heart, Jennifer is forced to decide what type of woman she wants to be.The Last of the Gentlemen by Cami CheckettsWorking nights and struggling through life, Emma Turner doesn't leave much time for romance. But when her son's good-looking lacrosse coach takes an interest in her children, Emma has to fight off desire and banish her daydreams. If only she could tell that to her heart.Much Ado about a Kiss by Heather TullisThe one thing Fay doesn't need right now is a guy in her life-especially her brother's irritating best friend from high school, whose kiss made her heart flutter. Why does he have to upset her just-fine world? Not this time. Not if she can help it. But can she?Pride & Persuasion by Connie E. SokolLindy Marchant is roped into the Echo Ridge library fundraiser to become an assistant for Armand D. Beaumont, a bestselling detective writer. While Armand inadvertently assists Lindy with the shop, she uncovers his painful truth and an inconvenient growing attraction.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Romance Serie: The Echo Ridge Anthologies: 2 Traduttore:

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Editore: Blackstone Publishing
Pubblicato: 2016-08-09
Durata: 18H 17Min
ISBN: 9781504758253

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