A Man, A Can, A Grill - The Health, David Joachim

A Man, A Can, A Grill

A Man, A Can, A Grill

4 1 5 Scritto da: The Health, David Joachim
Take a man. Add a can. Now throw in a grill. Sounds like a recipe for disaster, right? But with the geniuses who brought you A Man, a Can, a Plan are calling the shots, any guy can turn his culinary carnage into a killer meal. The 50 recipes include:
Photos of most ingredients, so shopping is a breezeInstructions for charcoal and propane grills alikeOptions for vegetariansOther useful facts about the ingredients and grilling techniques

Whether the menu calls for beer-basted chicken or shish kebabs, Joachim's approach to barbecuing will lure even the most inexperienced cook to slap on an apron.
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Editore: Rodale
Pubblicato: 2003-05-16
ISBN: 9781623364441

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