The Yellow Wallpaper (Book Center) - Charlotte Perkins Gilman

The Yellow Wallpaper (Book Center)

The Yellow Wallpaper (Book Center)

0 0 5 Scritto da: Charlotte Perkins Gilman
The Yellow Wallpaper is a fascinating portrayal of a woman's descent into psychosis through being confined 'for her own good' by her well-meaning husband to cure her of mild hysteria. It's an absolutely mesmerizing short story that draws the reader deep into the disturbed mind of the narrator to the point of sharing her distorted view of the world. Despite being a prolific writer throughout her lifetime, it is this short story for which Charlotte Perkins Gilman is best known and the tale remains as vivid and immediate today as it was upon first publication over a century ago.
Lingua: Inglese Categoria: Classici Traduttore:

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Editore: Oregan Publishing
Pubblicato: 2017-05-08
ISBN: 9782377871223

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