Communication in the Workplace - David L. Lewis

Communication in the Workplace

Communication in the Workplace

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Understand common forms of communication and improve confidence when speaking in front of others

Imagine that you can speak up at any time in any meetings or any organisation and everyone in the room understands your messages clearly and is impressed by your confidence and authority. Wouldn't it be great to feel you can speak up at any time and voice your opinions with clarity and ease? You can be a great communicator in any situation.

This book delves into the common forms of communication and explains what skills make a good communicator and have confidence when speaking infront of others.

This Audiobook contains:
- Analyse Your Audience
- Attention-Getting Techniques
- Preparing Your Presentation
- How to speak up at meetings and in front of others
- Developing your message
- How to hide nervousness when speaking up at meetings
- How to make sure people can hear and understand you
-Right Ways to End Your Presentation
- Use presentation skills to get audiences to remember their messages

This Audiobook is also for those who want to develop strong presentation skills and public speaking skills, to do well in school, secure jobs and promotions and those who acquire those skills often ascend to the highest levels of leadership in corporations, governments, and civic life

Order Communication in the Workplace Book Now, and Understand Common Forms of Communication and Improve Confidence When Speaking in Front of Others and Speak Up at Meetings or in Any Organization. Untap Your Potential!
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Editore: David L. Lewis
Pubblicato: 2019-09-26
Durata: 3H 48Min
ISBN: 9781094224008

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