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Bad Boy's Touch

Scritto da: Jessa James E-book

A fiery, passionate romance with a love at first sight twist!

Walker Roman knows that his time in the SEALs left him a shattered ghost of himself. He is resigned to being the odd man out for every remaining day of his life. That is, until he meets gorgeous Ashleigh.

When she smiles at him, his demons scatter. He knows without a doubt the he’s just met The One… he just has to convince Ashleigh of it.

Before he can even steal a kiss, he’s quickly drawn into the dark world that Ashleigh is running from. He soon realizes that she’s running from some very bad guys, guys that come armed to the teeth.

Using all of his prowess and skill, will Walker somehow beat the mafia… and still manage to take home his sweetheart?

© 2021 KSA Publications Inc (E-book) ISBN: 9781795924153

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