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Baking from the Heart

Scritto da: Sophie Mays Letto da: Felicity Munroe Audio

Emma Wyatt was on a quest to reclaim her passion for baking. She never thought she could find adventure and love along the way.

Emma is the responsible one. The oldest sister of five siblings. The one who is good at baking, and accounting, and making sure that everyone else is taken care of. She’s also the one who has quietly accepted that she will never have her own epic love story. Perhaps some people simply aren’t lucky at love.

Worse still, she’s lost the one thing she is supposed to be good at: baking.

With the new family business getting into shape, Emma has been put in charge of overseeing all the baking at the soon-to-be-opened ranch resort. Thankfully, family connections run deep in Serenity Falls, and there’s a new family friend who just may be able to help Emma out of her rut.

Determined to get her mojo back, Emma finds a friend and mentor in a local baking legend. But it is her new friend’s grandson, Gavin, that adds an unexpectedly complicated ingredient to her life recipe. Will Emma find a way to bring the magic back to her baking? Could her own perfect love story unveil itself if she allows a dash of spontaneity and adventure into her life?

The Serenity Falls series features the entire Wyatt family as they return home to the family ranch to start a new business, navigate life changes, and try to find happiness. From cowboys to small-town living full of gorgeous mountain vistas and unexpected newcomers, Serenity Falls, Colorado, is a town you will fall in love with! If you love Hallmark movies and uplifting, feel-good romance stories with endearing characters, you will feel renewed by bestselling author Sophie Mays’s Serenity Falls series following the lives of the five Wyatt siblings!

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